Our products:

CEOS offers a wide range of sophisticated electron optical components:

  • Aberration correctors for improved image resolution in TEM, STEM and SEM systems,
  • Imaging energy filters for analytical applications in TEM and STEM,
  • Monochromators for Schottky field emission guns in (S)TEMs and
  • Ultra high vacuum SEM columns.

CEOS develops these products for use in materials science and life sciences, and for metrology applications in the semiconductor industry. This enables our customers to acquire images with resolution up to the pico meter scale.

TEM aberration correctors

TEM aberration-correctors

STEM aberration correctors

STEM aberration-correctors

CEOS SEMCOR Cs/Cc Korrektor

SEMCOR - Cs/Cc corrector for CD-SEM

CEFID - Post-Column Imaging Energy Filter

CEFID - Post-Column Imaging Energy Filter


NANOSAM - Ultra high vacuum SEM column


Monochromators for transmission electron microscopes