Prof. Harald Rose

Prof. Harald Rose He is an emeritus Professor of the Technical University Darmstadt, Germany. He was the Ph.D. supervisor of Dr. Haider and Dr. Zach and taught them the principles and later on the art of electron optics. He still is in advisory capacity for CEOS. His main research activities are in theoretical electron optics, especially aberration correction, theory of electron scattering and image formation in EM. He has published more than 200 reviewed articles in scientific journals, 10 major review articles and is inventor of 105 patents on scientific instruments and electron optical components partly manufactured by various companies. On the occasion of his 70th birthday on February 14th, 2005, a symposium was held at the LBNL at Berkeley. One of his latest awards was the honorary fellowship of the renowned Royal Microscopical Society (press release in German). His 80th birthday was celebrated in a ceremony at the start of the 2015 SALVE symposium.