Congress in honour of Maximilian Haider and Harald Rose


We would like to thank Mr. Levin Dieterle, Karlsruhe, for the permission to benefit from his photos, of which we show some details. We recommend the visit of his, where you can find a diversity of excellent photos.

On the occasion of the 60th birthday of Maximilian Haider and the 75th birthday of Harald Rose a congress was held by the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute for Technology) titled "Advances in Corrected Electron Microscopy in Material Science and Biology". Although this event offered a most welcome occasion to meet colleagues and former companions, discussing the presented results of the latest research took the centre stage.

The lecturers coming from the different domains of material science, biology and electron optics impressed the audience, which learnt how the latest developments of aberration correction in electron optics opened up new ways in their particular realms.

Harald Rose developed the theoretical basis of aberration correction. The name of Max. Haider is intrinsically tied to the implementation of the theoretical concepts and the development and distribution of user-friendly correctors.

Dr. Reinhard Rachel, head of the DGE (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektronenmikroskopie) remarked during the congress:

"Es war sehr gut, die Wissenschaftler der verschiedenen Richtungen - Physiker und Theoretiker, Materialwissenschaftler und Biologen - zusammen in einem Raum intensiv miteinander fachübergreifend diskutieren zu sehen."

"It was very good to see the scientists of different realms - physicists and theoreticians, material scientists and biologists - together in one room, talking across the borders of their respective fields."

He combined his thank to the organizers Prof. Rasmus Schröder (Bioquant Heidelberg) and Prof. Dagmar Gerthsen (KIT) with his wish to have more such events in Germany.

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We would like to thank Ingo Maßmann, Darmstadt, for the last two photos.