New job offer

CEOS offers a position as Python developer. If you are interested, have a look at the job description.

SALVE inauguration at Ulm University.

After succesfull completion of the development of a Cc/Cs-corrected low voltage electron microscope within the SALVE the instrument has been moved to Ulm University. An inauguration celebration is planned during the 3rd SALVE symposium on December 12th to 14th. A press release issued after the acceptance of the instrument describes the new unique features of this microscope.

Maximilian Trapp receives Harald Rose Prize 2017.

During the ceremony Ausgezeichnet! Maximilina Trapp was awarded with this year's Harald Rose Prize for his master thesis "TEM investigation of CuMn2O4 spinel catalyst upon reduction and subsequent reoxidation".

A new era of Electron Microscopy:

Atomic resolution imaging and measurement

Seventy-five years after its invention, transmission electron microscopy has taken a great step forward with the introduction of aberration-corrected electron optics.

Prof. Knut Urban
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The key components for this progress are CEOS's aberration correctors.

CEOS, founded in 1996 by Maximilian Haider and Joachim Zach, is concentrating on research, development and production of advanced optical components for electron microscopes.
These include correctors for spherical, chromatic and coma-type aberrations and monochromators.

The company meanwhile has become the world's leading manufacturer of correctors for electron microscopes.

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If you want further information concerning the principles of electron microscopy don't hesitate to consult the basics!